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Lowell students

List of Clubs

Clubs and Activities

Students at Lowell have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities.  Lowell's clubs are not only fun for children but academically based.

Runners's Club is available at the beginning of the school year for all grade levels to help promote healthy lifestyles and prepare for Warren Township's HomeFest Fun Run.

The Student Council is comprised of students in grades 3-4.  These students work with the Dean to plan special activities for the school.  Students are involved with leadership and philanthropic programs during the school year.

The School's Postal System uses workers from third grade.  The WLOW news crew is made up on students in third and fourth grade.  The Spelling Bee for students in grades 3 and 4 is held in January.

Fourth grade is a busy year for Lowell students.  Fourth graders can join the school intramural programs for girls and boys.  They are also able to audition for Choir.  Fourth graders serve as helpers at Lowell in the following ways: Cafeteria Chair Helpers, Bus Helpers, Flag Helpers and Recess Helpers.  Fourth graders serve as helpers at Lowell in the following ways:  Cafeteria Chair Helpers, Bus Helpers, Flag Helpers, Recess Helpers, Media Center Helpers and Bookstore Helpers.  

School-wide activities which involve students include the Spring Fling, Fall Festival and quarterly skating parties.  The school also sponsors the Kindness and Justice Challenge which involves every Lowell student in service activities for others.  Lowell's third graders take the stage for our annual Holiday Program.

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