August 5 Update Graphic

August 5, 2020 

Good Afternoon Warren Students, Families, and Staff, 

The first day of school, August 6th, is almost here! Linked here is my welcoming video.

Thursday is the first day of  IN-PERSON instruction for 6-12 students on the black schedule. 6-12  students on the gold schedule will have orientation activities loaded in their class canvas pages to complete on Thursday.  Friday, August 7th is the first day of IN-PERSON  instruction for 6-12  students on the Gold schedule.  

All K-12 student schedules will be available in ParentVue this afternoon.  Teachers will also be reaching out to families to make introductions.  

Families who are interested in moving to the VIRTUAL option may do so by contacting their home school.  We are working diligently to accommodate all virtual requests.  Families who select  virtual from August 5th - 7th will be able to start on Monday, August 17th.  

Students issued an iPad or Chromebook in the spring should return to school with this device. These will continue to be the student devices this year. Incoming 4th grade students, however, should return their Chromebook, case, and charger since they will be issued new iPads instead this year.

A reminder that we will operate a help desk for virtual families at our Moorhead Community Resource Center from 11 am-1 pm Monday through Friday beginning August 6th.


ALL Virtual Families: Thank you to all of the families who attended our Device and School Materials pick up event. If you were unable to attend, please do one of the following: 1). If you need to pick up textbooks, workbooks, or other school materials, please contact your home school to set up an appointment to get those items; 2). If you are in need of a device, please visit Moorhead, on August 6th, from 11 am-1 pm. 

Virtual K-6 Families: Your student's school will be calling today to share information about your student's class. Also, please check your email for an invitation that will be shared for your student's first classroom zoom meeting.

Virtual 7-8 Families: Your student's CORE Connect Teacher will be reaching out to you today to share information about your student's schedule for the first 9 weeks.

Virtual 9-12 Families: Schedules were provided last night at our school device/material pick up event. If you were unable to attend, high school students and parents can view their schedules in StudentVue or ParentVue. 

Virtual Families will have their first food distribution pickup available on Thursday from 8:00-9:30 AM at Moorhead Community Resource Center.  Families should enter the main entrance at door 1 and head to the cafeteria for pickup.  Beginning next week we will begin our normal weekly pickup schedule of Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8-9:30 AM at Moorhead Community Resource Center. 

Students in grades 6-12 on their IN-PERSON day will be given the opportunity to take home a breakfast/lunch for their VIRTUAL day. 

Thank you to our Warren Team who have put in countless hours getting us ready for tomorrow and I hope that all students, families and staff have a very successful start to the 20-21 school year.

Dr. Tim Hanson, Superintendent of Schools for MSD Warren Township